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DropSizer is used to image and size droplets, particles, and bubbles and to characterize multi-phase systems

DropSizer can operate in extreme and hazardous environments within your industry
(Painting, Coating, Agriculture, Pharmaceutical, Food, Aerospace, etc.)

DropSizer has a built-in processing unit, which makes it independent of PCs and software installation
(Browser based software is provided with free updates)

DropSizer is compact, flexible, robust, reliable, and easy-to-use


Imaging: See the action with streaming and capture images


Processing: Record the images and process them for size measurement


Results: Check and save the results for further anlysis and documentation


Measurement Size Range 5 μm - 2 mm
Velocity Range 0 - 300 m/s
Optical Resolution From 1 μm/Pix
Camera Resolution 5 - 18 MPix
Field of View (Diagonal) From 3.0 mm
Maximum Frame Rate 60 fps
Pulse Duration 10 - 100 ns
Probe Diameter 5 cm (2")
Housing Stainless-Steel/Aluminium/Teflon
Probes Weight (SS) Less than 1 kg (2.2 lb)
Operating Temperature 0 - 60 °C (30 - 140 °F)
Voltage Supply 110 V / 220 V
Power Consumption 130 W
Connection Ethernet
Certifications* CSA/UL Electrical
HazLoc CLS1 - DIV1

*The listed specifictions are for the standard model. Custom made instruments, hazardous location, pharmaceutical, and other industry options are available upon request.


DropSizer can monitor and fully characterize fast processes and multi-phase systems (sprays, powders, bubbling liquids, emulsions, etc.). DropSizer is a tool for monitoring, quality control, and optimizing operations on the production line. DropSizer is water-tight and dust-proof. It can be submerged in a liquid, placed in areas that are regulated as hazardous for explosion, and operated remotely in the environments that are NO-GO zones for similar devices.

Below are some of the industries that can benefit from DropSizer:
- Agriculture
- Food Processing
- Chemical Processing
- Health and Pharmaceutical
- Painting and Coating
- Aerospace and Automotive
- Peteroleum and Oil
- Mining
- Steel
- Electronics
- and many more

If you are unsure about the adaptability of DropSizer to your application, contact us for a case specific discussion.

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