Industry Applications

Automotive Industry

We work directly with large automotive manufacturers (OEMs, Tier 1, etc.). Multiple studies and reports have shown that paint droplet size significantly affects the colour and surface finish on a car. Our device can detect slight changes in the spray operating conditions and can detect when the final colour on the automotive body will change. Our device can also measure the spray pattern to ensure the coating thickness is correct. Monitoring with our device for predictive maintenance can avoid defects and reworks due to changing colour and poor surface finishes. Additionally, our real-time monitoring system can help in many different ways, such as paint line calibration and detecting damaged or dirty nozzles.

Pharmaceutical Industry

We have optimized our spray measurement platform for many large pharmaceutical companies and CDMOs. Our platform has been used with spray drying and tablet coating nozzles. We work directly with manufacturing managers and quality control managers to understand and scale up their processes from laboratory environments to production environments. Our platform also helps with critical R&D to understand how to best manufacture new and small-batch pharmaceuticals.

Other Industries

Painting & Coating
Food Processing
Chemical Processing
Petroleum & Oil

Advanced Spray Monitoring Platform

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