What is our Sensor?

Our hardware is used to image and size droplets, particles, and bubbles and to characterize multi-phase systems. Our hardware operates in extreme and hazardous environments (including Class 1 Division 1 or Zone 1 Hazardous Locations) within many industries including automotive, coating, agriculture, pharmaceutical, food or aerospace. We designed our sensor to be compact, flexible, robust, reliable, and easy to use. This is why we included a built-in processing unit that enables our hardware to be used with any computer, tablet, or phone and can easily connect to your facilities network.

new nozzle

New Nozzle

defective nozzle

Defective Nozzle

How It Works

Our sensor can monitor and fully characterize fast processes and multi-phase spray systems through direct imaging. Data is captured and processed in real-time and feedback is provided to the user instantly. These real-time analytics are a critical tool for monitoring, optimization, and process development. All the data can be stored for deeper analysis through post-processing and comparisons with other datasets.



This version of the sensor is designed for larger and open sprays. The large probe separation enables the measurement of nozzles with large electrostatic charges to prevent arcing.

Small DropSizer


Our smaller-scale option is perfect for smaller facilities or places where space is limited, such as fume hoods and test benches.


  • Recirculating flow identification
  • Near nozzle measurement
  • Defective nozzle identification
  • Non-circular droplet measurement
  • Bubble and hollow sphere identification
  • Online support
  • Spray Angle Measurement
  • No background knowledge and spray or optics needed
  • Direct measurement of number and volume distribution

Advanced Spray Monitoring Platform

Digitize your spray and particle manufacturing to simplify your operations on a data-driven platform.