Industry 4.0

Cloud Access

Our software is controlled through a browser-based user interface to manage and monitor all of our hardware and data. Each device can be accessed through the cloud which makes it easy to monitor a single device or a fleet of devices. This cloud infrastructure is critical to control data flow and give you full visibility over your entire spray production line. Additionally, using big data, AI, and custom analytics we can provide unique solutions to optimize a variety of sprays.

Data Management

We offer secure data backup to ensure that your information never gets lost. We understand how important your information is to your business, this is why we use state-of-the-art data management technology to ensure your data is safe and secure. This critical backup system gives our clients the necessary peace of mind they need to know their jobs are safe. We can also sync our devices with your cloud provider so you are in incomplete control of your data.


Our network-based devices are built for connectivity and Industrial IoT. Our sensors can be easily integrated into any network and can communicate with other devices for monitoring or control. Our device can be controlled by human users, PLCs, or other devices through our software API.

Advanced Spray Monitoring Platform

Digitize your spray and particle manufacturing to simplify your operations on a data-driven platform.