Spray and Particle Digitization Platform

Our industry-leading technology increases manufacturing consistency and first-time quality while reducing material and energy waste. Our end-to-end platform helps at each stage of product development, from R&D to process development, scale-up and manufacturing.


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Improve First
Time Quality
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Reduce Initial
Discovery Time
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Get Your Products
to Market Faster
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Detect Faulty
Process & Nozzles
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Emissions & Waste
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Time & Money

Our Team

Mazlite team has extensive experience in sprays and atomization. We have first-hand experience with issues that customers face on a daily basis. Our goal is to utilize our experience to bring innovative solutions and pave the way for a revolutionary approach to sprays in the industry. We want to digitize sprays and bring value to our customers. Our innovative platform has helped companies to increase efficiency and reduce costs.

Advanced Spray Monitoring Platform

Digitize your spray and particle manufacturing to simplify your operations on a data-driven platform.